DNA/RNA Amplification Direct Amplification

Direct qPCR Kit [Probe]


  • Real-time amplification DIRECTLY from whole blood, animal, and plant tissues
  • Skip DNA purification
  • Applicable with intercalating dyes and probes
  • TIME and COST saving
  • POC DIAGNOSTIC applications 








Cat.No. Product Size
DQPR-P200 RealHelix™ Direct qPCR Kit [Probe] 200 rxns

The RealHelixTM Direct qPCR Kit [Probe] is designed for a probe-based qPCR amplification directly from animal tissues, plant tissues, and various clinical samples including whole blood, serum, urine, hair and swab collections without any DNA purification processes. The 2x Direct qPCR Premix [probe] in this kit contains antibody-inhibited Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCI2, stabilizer, and unique buffer system to resist various PCR inhibitors of tissue samples.



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