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Cat.No. Product Size
DA100 HelixChem™ dATP, 100 mM 1 ml
DG100 HelixChem™ dGTP, 100 mM 1 ml
DC100 HelixChem™ dCTP, 100 mM 1 ml
DT100 HelixChem™ dTTP, 100 mM 1 ml
DU100 HelixChem™ dUTP, 100 mM 1 ml
DN10 HelixChem™ dNTP Mix (each 10 mM) 1 ml
DNU10 HelixChem™ dNTP(U) Mix (each 10 mM) 1 ml
DNS100 HelixChem™ dNTP Set, 100 mM 4 ml
DNUS100 HelixChem™ dNTP(U) Set, 100 mM 4 ml

NanoHelix dNTPs is the mixture of enzymatically synthesized deoxynucleotides. Compared with dNTPs generated by chemical synthesis, the enzymatically synthesized dNTPs provides the ultra pure nucleotides, which enhance the performance and sensitivity of PCR, RT-PCR, sequencing, etc. ​ 

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