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Heat Labile UDG

  • Removing uracil-containing DNA
  • Heat-labile, inactivated at over 40oC
  • Ideal enzyme for conventional and real-time RT-PCR with dUTP



Cat.No. Product Size
HLU200 HelixZyme™ Heat labile UDG 200 unit
HLU500 HelixZyme™ Heat labile UDG 500 unit

Heat Labile UDG is a recombinant Uracil DNA glycosylase from marine bacterium BMTU 3346. UDG catalyzes the hydrolysis of the N-glycosidic bond between the uracil and sugar, leaving an apyrimidinic site in uracil-containing single or double-stranded DNA. Heat Labile UDG is fully active in the temperature range of 15 to 25oC and inactivated at over 40oC. Due to this character, this enzyme is ideal for applying on the one-step RT-PCR system to remove the contaminated uracil-containing DNA in the reaction.



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