Raw Materials for MDx Isothermal Amplification

Phi29 DNA polymerase
10 u/㎕, 100 u/㎕

  • High fidelity DNA polymerase  
  • Strong strand displacement activity
  • High processivity up to 70 kb 
  • Best enzyme for RCA of circular DNA
  • Enzyme for whole genome amplification



Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BPHI10 Phi29 DNA polymerase 10 u/㎕ Custom
BPHI100 Phi29 DNA polymerase 100 u/㎕ Custom

Phi29 DNA polymerase is a recombinant protein purified from E.coli cloned the gene encoding the DNA polymerase from Phi29 phage. Phi29 DNA polymerase is the replicative polymerase possessing the highest processivity and strand-displacement activity among the known DNA polymerase. 



  • Highly accurate DNA synthesis
  • Rolling circle amplification (RCA)
  • Multiple displacement amplification (MDA)
  • Amplification of whole genome (WGA)


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