Raw Materials for MDx Real-Time RT-PCR Premixes

qRT-PCR Kit [Green]

  • Sensitive and reliable one-step quantitative RT-PCR premix
  • Detection by a DNA intercalating fluorescent dye 
  • High specificity by use of Hot-Taq polymerase
  • Heat-labile UDG incorporated: prevention of carryover contamination
  • Convenience and reduced contamination risk


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BQRT-S qRT-PCR Kit [Green] - Custom
BQRTU-S qRT-PCR Kit [Green] w/UDG + UDG SYSTEM* Custom
qRT-PCR Kit [Green] is a convenient and reliable one-step quantitative RT-PCR kit using a green fluorescent DNA stain. The Enzyme Mix in this kit is an optimized blend of Thermo Reverse Transcriptase, a hot-start PCR enzyme (Hot-Taq polymerase), and an RNase inhibitor protein that ensures reliable results regarding sensitivity, accuracy, and specificity. The 2x Buffer Mix contains optimized buffer components, Mg2+, dNTPs, a green fluorescent dye, and a stabilizing agent. The w/UDG version kit additionally includes a heat-labile UDG in the enzyme mix and dUTP in the 2x Buffer Mix. The applied UDG system prevents carryover contamination.

  • Real-time quantification of target RNA
  • Gene expression analysis 
  • Viral RNA detection
  • Molecular diagnosis

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