Raw Materials for MDx Real-Time RT-PCR Premixes

qRT-PCR Kit [v6] (UDG System), Bulk

  • Fast: 50 mins for 40 cycles
  • Multiplex: Up to 5-plex probe in a reaction
  • Antibody-coupled hot start Taq
  • Probe type
  • Enzyme Mix + 5X Reaction Buffer
  • UDG system: Prevention of carryover contamination







Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BCVQR6 RealHelix™ qRT-PCR Kit [v6] (UDG System) + UDG SYSTEM* Bulk

qRT-PCR Kit [v6] (UDG System) is a quantitative RT-PCR reagent suitable for molecular diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 causing the new Coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19). The kit performance was confirmed using the materials and methods approved by WHO on 17 Jan, 2020. The Enzyme Mix contains in this kit, is an optimized blend of Reverse Transcriptase, antibody-coupled hot-start Taq polymerase (Ab+Taq polymerase), RNase inhibitor protein and a thermolabile UDG. These components help ensure sensitivity, accuracy, and specificity of PCR performance for the COVID-19 molecular diagnosis. In particular, carryover contaminated PCR products could be removed by the applied UDG system.



  • Quantification of target RNA by real-time RT-PCR


  • Use the antibody-coupled Hot-Start Taq (Ab+Taq)
  • Pre-denaturation time in PCR steps = < 5 min

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