Raw Materials for MDx Real-Time PCR Premixes

Superplex qPCR Premix [Probe]

  • Probe-based real-time PCR reagent
  • Multiplex: Up to 12-plex probe qPCR in a reaction 
  • Convenient 2x concentrated premix 
  • Specific, sensitive, and reliable
  • Unique buffer system and hot start enzyme
  • UDG system incorporated to prevent carry-over contaminations


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BSUQU Superplex qPCR Premix [Probe] w/ UDG UDG SYSTEM* Custom
Superplex qPCR Premix [Probe] is designed for multiple target qPCR detections using dual-labeled probes in real time PCR instruments. The kit consists of convenient 2x concentrated premix solution and ROX passive dye. The user-friendly 2x premix contains all required components including a hot-start Taq polymerase, Uracil-DNA glycosylase(UDG), buffer, magnesium ion, dNTPs, dUTP, and stabilizing agents. The hot-start Taq polymerase provides highly specific amplification of target DNA and minimizes the side products such as primer dimers. Included ROX dye could be used as a passive reference dye.

  • Quantification of target DNA sample by real-time PCR


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