Raw Materials for MDx Real-Time PCR Premixes

1-Sec qPCR Kit [Probe]

  • Probe-based real-time PCR kit
  • Fast real-time assay: 30 min for 40 cycles 
  • Multiplex: Up to 5-plex probe qPCR in a reaction 
  • Convenient 2x concentrated premix 
  • Fast, specific, sensitive, and reliable
  • Unique buffer system and antibody-mediated hot start enzyme


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BOSQ-P 1-Sec qPCR Kit [Probe] - Custom
BOSQU-P 1-Sec qPCR Kit [Probe] w/ UDG + UDG SYSTEM* Custom
1-Sec qPCR Kit [Probe] is designed to perform rapid real-time analysis of DNA samples using fluorescent probe based detection. This kit provides 2x premix and separates ROX reference dye. The convenient 2x concentrated premix contains Ab+Taq polymerase, dNTPs, buffers, Mg2+, and stabilizing agent. The premix can also be used in combination with ROX reference dye in PCR instruments that are compatible with the evaluation of the ROX signal. The outstanding fast real-time assay within 30-60 min combined with high specificity and sensitivity is achieved with a unique buffer system and optimized hot-start polymerase. 

  • Fast real-time PCR analysis with labeled-probes
  • Multiple target detection and quantification 
  • SNP analysis and Genotyping
  • Microbial & viral pathogen detection
  • Molecular diagnosis

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