Raw Materials for MDx Real-Time PCR Premixes

2x qPCR Premix [Probe]

  • Probe-based real-time PCR premix
  • High specificity using a chemically modified Taq polymerase
  • A convenient 2x concentrated premix of enzymes, buffer, Mg2+, dNTPs, and stabilizing agent.
  • UDG system: prevention of carryover contamination
  • Convenience and reduced contamination risk


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BQP-P 2x qPCR Premix [Probe] - Custom
BQPU-P 2x qPCR Premix [Probe], w/ UDG + UDG SYSTEM* Custom
2x qPCR Premix [Probe] is designed to perform a rapid real-time quantification of target DNA using user-designed probes. The convenient 2x concentrated premix contains hot-start PCR enzyme, dNTPs, buffers, Mg2+, and stabilizing agent. The hot-start PCR enzyme provides highly specific amplification of target DNA while minimizing non-specific reactions and production of primer dimers. Carryover contaminated PCR products can be removed by using a UDG/dUTP applied premix (BQPU-P).

  • Real-time quantification of multiple target DNAs
  • Automated high throughput real-time PCR
  • Gene expression analysis of cDNA
  • SNP analysis and Genotyping
  • Microbial & viral pathogen detection
  • Molecular diagnosis

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