Raw Materials for MDx Conventional PCR/RT-PCR premixes

Multiplex PCR 2x Premix

  • 2x premix for multiplex PCR, up to 13-plex 
  • Extreme specificity and high productivity 
  • Automatic hot start PCR 
  • Convenient and fast setup for complex multiplexing PCR 
  • Prevention of carryover contamination by built-in UDG system


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BMPR Multiplex PCR 2x Premix - Custom
BMPU Multiplex PCR 2x Premix, w/UDG + UDG SYSTEM* Custom

Multiplex PCR 2x Premix, the best choice to set up complex multiplexing PCR, is a pre-mixed solution containing HelixAmp™ Hot-Taq polymerase, dNTPs and an optimized buffer at 2x concentration. Multiplex PCR 2x Premix is designed to give hot-start PCR the highest specificity and minimize the interruptions among the primers in a reaction mixture. Carryover contaminated PCR products can be removed by applying the UDG system. 




  • Multiplex PCR (conventional)
  • Allele-specific PCR
  • SNP analysis and genotyping


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