Raw Materials for MDx Enzymes for Molecular Diagnostics

Thermo Reverse Transcriptase
200 u/㎕ , 1,000 u/㎕

  • Modified MMLV RTase, RNaseH negative 
  • Active at 42~55℃. Optimum at 50℃
  • High processivity (Up to 12 kb or more) and sensitivity 
  • Superior performance in RT-PCR


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BRT200 Thermo Reverse Transcriptase 200 u/㎕ Custom
BRT1000 Thermo Reverse Transcriptase 1,000 u/㎕ Custom

Thermo Reverse Transcriptase, a thermostable and RNase H-negative variant of M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase (RTase), is an enzyme to synthesize cDNAs from RNA templates at a temperature range of 42℃ ~ 55℃ and shows the highest activity at 50℃. The high processivity and productivity of Thermo Reverse Transcriptase can synthesize cDNA up to 12 kb from an RNA template.




  • Generation of the first-strand cDNA up to 12 kb for libraries or cloning
  • Two-step or One-step RT-PCR applications 
  • Conventional or real-time RT-PCR 
  • RT-PCR for detection of viral RNA


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