Raw Materials for MDx PCR enzymes for MDx

Hot-Taq polymerase glycerol-free
5u/㎕, 50u/㎕

  • Lyophilization-compatible (Glycerol-free)
  • Chemically modified Taq DNA polymerase
  • Automatic hot-start PCR enzyme
  • Convenience of reactions set up at room temperature 
  • The highest specificity of PCR amplification
  • Enzyme for real-time PCR and multiplex PCR
  • Enzyme for high [GC] target amplification


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BGHT5 Hot-Taq polymerase glycerol-free 5 u/㎕ Custom
BGHT50 Hot-Taq polymerase glycerol-free 50 u/㎕ Custom

Hot-Taq polymerase glycerol-free is a lyophilization-compatible version of Hot-Taq polymerase, a chemically modified enzyme, and quite suitable for high-specific hot-start PCR, real-time PCR and multiplex PCR. The 10x reaction buffer supplied together contains pH-buffering agent, salts, magnesium, and dNTPs.




  • Hot-start PCR, Multiplex PCR, Real-time PCR
  • High specific and sensitive PCR
  • Amplification of complex DNA and cDNA
  • PCR for molecular diagnostics
  • Manufacture of dried amplification mixtures


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