Raw Materials for MDx PCR enzymes for MDx

Premium-Taq polymerase

  • Minimize the non-specific amplification by a dual control system;
    Anti-Taq antibody complexed Taq DNA polymerase
    PMT technology applied buffer system
  • High specific and sensitive PCR enzyme
  • Automatic hot-start PCR enzyme
  • Fast enzyme activation



Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BPT5 Premium-Taq polymerase 5u/㎕ Custom
BPTC Premium-Taq polymerase Custom Custom

Premium-Taq polymerase provides utmost specific amplification by a dual system; antibody-mediated hot start polymerase and PMT (Polymerase Modulator on Temperature)-applied buffer. Anti-Taq antibody inhibits the Taq polymerase activity until it reaches to denaturation temperature and PMT-applied buffer reduces the primer-dimer formation and nonspecific amplification during the PCR cycles. The 5x reaction mix supplied together contains pH-buffering agent, salts, magnesium, dNTPs, and PMT additive. 




  • Antibody-mediated Hot-start PCR
  • High specific amplification and minimize the primer dimer formation
  • Fast PCR assays with a short enzyme activation time and fast cycling
  • Multiplex PCR
  • PCR for molecular diagnostics


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