Raw Materials for MDx PCR enzymes for MDx

Taq polymerase glycerol-free
5u/㎕, 50u/㎕

  • Lyophilization ready for preparation of dried amplification mixtures 
  • Robust enzyme for routine PCR reactions
  • Low bacterial DNA contamination
  • High Yields & High Sensitivity 


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BGT5 Taq polymerase glycerol-free 5u/㎕ Custom
BGT50 Taq polymerase glycerol-free 50u/㎕ Custom

Taq polymerase glycerol-free is a lyophilization-compatible version of a highly purified recombinant standard PCR enzyme. Host DNAs are removed almost entirely from the enzyme to minimize false positive reactions during molecular diagnostic applications. The supplied 10x reaction buffer contains a pH-buffering agent, salts, magnesium, and dNTPs.




  • Routine PCR and RT-PCR 
  • Conventional and Real-Time PCR
  • PCR for molecular diagnostics
  • Manufacture of dried amplification mixtures


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