DNA/RNA Purification POC Sample Preparation

Punch-it™ NA-Sample Kit

  • Rapid and convenient
  • Extremely easy preparation of nucleic acid
  • Direct use of PCR, quantitative PCR and real-time RT-PCR


Cat.No. Product Size
PINA15 Punch-it™ NA-Sample Kit 15 preps
PINA50 Punch-it™ NA-Sample Kit 50 preps
PINA200 Punch-it™ NA-Sample Kit 200 preps

Punch-it™ NA-sample Kit is designed for extremely easy isolation of nucleic acid from a little amount of various samples such as animals, blood, plants, bacteria and viruses. This kit is very easy to handle and does not need any equipments. This kit is suitable for the direct preparation of nucleic acids for molecular diagnostics using PCR or RT-PCR technologies.




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