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Premium-Pfu polymerase
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Date 2012.07.16

2012 Launching a New product #3


Premium-Pfu polymerase is an editorial enzyme improved from HelixAmpTM Power-Pfu polymerase. Premium-Pfu polymerase shows faster (4 ~ 6 times) polymerization reaction and higher fidelity (3 ~ 5 times) than any other high-fidelity enzymes. With this high speed and accuracy, NanoHelix's "PMT(Polymerase modulator on temperature) technology" is applied in the buffer system, which is effective to reduce primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification during the PCR. Premium-Pfu polymerase is most suitable to faithful amplification of relatively long-ranged target for cloning etc. Due to its high speed, fast PCR with this enzyme could be completed in 30 min for the reliable amplification of less than 1 kb size target DNA. For the maximan performance of PCR reactions high-quality dNTP mixture is supplied. In case of PCR amplification of target DNA with high G+C content or structural problem, such as repeat sequence, teh application of N-SolutionTM improves the specificity and productivity of the reactions.