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Premium-Taq polymerase
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Date 2012.07.16

2012 Launching a New product #2


Premium-Taq polymerase is an anti-Taq antibody complex form of Taq polymerase and ideal for automatic hot-start PCR. The inhibitory anti-Taq antibody inactivates the polymerase by binding at low temperature and suppresses the polymerization from non-specifically bound primers which occures during the setting of PCR mix and the temperature going up in the PCR machine. At the high temperature of the initial denaturation step of PCR, the antibody is released by denaturation and the free Taq DNA polymerase becomes active. Unlike chemically modified hot-start Taq polymerase, this enzyme needs not prolonged (10 to 15 min) incubation at above 94 to be active. NanoHelix's PMT(Polymerase Modulator on Temperature) technology" is applied in the buffer system, which is effective to reduce primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification during the PCR. In case of PCR amplification of target DNA with high G+C content or structural problem, such as repeat sequence. N-SolutionTM will improve the specificity and productivity of the reactions.