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Taq-Plus polymerase
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Date 2012.07.16

2012 Launching a New product #1


Taq-Plus polymerase is an improved form of HelixAmpTM Taq polymerase and amplifies target DNA at broad-range of annealing temperature. NanoHelix's "PMT(Polymerase modulator on temperature)technology" is applied in the buffer system, which is effective to reduce primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification during the PCR. HelixAmpTM Taq-Plus polymerase possesses the greater, yield, processivity and fidelity than normal Taq polymerase. The fidelity of HelixAmpTM Taq-Plus polymerase is higher approximately 4 times than that of Taq polymerase. In case of PCR amplification of target DNA with high G+C content or structural problem, such as repeat sequence, the applicaion of TuneUpTM solution improves the specificity and productivity of the reaction.