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RealHelix™ 1-sec qRT-PCR Kit [Probe type]

● Fast : 40 mins for 40 cycles (1-sec denature, 1-sec anneal / extension)
● Multiplex : Up to 5-plex probe qRT-PCR in a reaction
● High sensitivity : Reliable detection as low as 10 copies of target
● Robust hot-start enzyme : Novel Antibody inhibited Taq polymerase


The RealHelix™ 1-sec qRT-PCR kit is a convenient and reliable one-step quantitative RT-PCR kit. Both cDNA synthesis and PCR reactions are performed in a single tube using sequence-specific primers corresponding to the target RNAs from total RNA or mRNA. The 1-sec qRT-PCR premix contains enzymes and buffers which are designed for higher processivity and speed, offering significantly faster extension rates than other qPCR products. This PCR enzyme ensures reliable results in terms of sensitivity, accuracy and specificity. In addition, this premix contains all of the required components including optimized buffer components, Mg2+, dNTPs.

◎ Quantification of target DNA sample by real-time PCR


◎ 2x 1-sec qRT-PCR Premix
◎ ROX Passive Reference Dye

Quality Control

The activity for cDNA synthesis and quantitative PCR of target transcript using RealHelix™ 1-sec qRT-PCR Kit was evaluated by real-time PCR using the 10-fold serial-diluted total RNA isolated from human blood and beta-globin gene-specific primer set with ABI?7500 real-time PCR system (Applied Biosystems, USA) and CFX96™ real-time PCR detection system (Bio-Rad, USA).


Figure 1. Comparison of amplification plots of a general qRT-PCR enzyme (RealHelix™ qRT-PCR kit) and 1-sec qRT-PCR kit using either a standard cycling protocol or a fast cycling protocol. Multiplex Probe qRT-PCR reactions were done with the purified and mixed RNA of Avian influenza type H5 and type H7 (tenfold serial dilutions over range of 1 fg - 1 ng per reaction). Each 20μl reactions were operated on CFX96 real-time PCR detection system (BioRad).

Cat.No. Product Size
 OSQRT-P200 RealHelix™ 1-sec qRT-PCR Kit [Probe type] 200 rxns 
 OSQRT-P500 RealHelix™ 1-sec qRT-PCR Kit [Probe type] 500 rxns