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HelixZyme™ Thermostable RNase H

Nanohelix Thermostable Ribonuclease H is a recombinant protein purified from E. coli cloned the gene encoding the Thermus thermophilus RNase H. RNase H is an endoribonuclease and catalyzes the degradation of RNA in a DNA-RNA hybrid. Unlike the E. coli RNase H, which is inactivated at above 50°C, Thermostable RNase H is stable and active at high temperatures. This enzyme can be used at temperature up to 95°C and showing about 3-fold higher activity at 70°C than that of E. coli RNase H at 37°C.


◎ Second strand cDNA synthesis
◎ Detection of DNA-RNA hybrids
◎ Site-specific cleavage of RNA hybridized to a short oligonucleotide.
◎ Transcription mediated amplification (TMA or NASBA)
◎ Removing poly(A) tails from mRNA, possibly to improve ban resolution in gel electrophoresis.

Thermostable RNase H (10 units/㎕)
Cat.No. Product Size
 TRH250 HelixZyme™ Thermostable Rnase H 250 uniits 
 TRH1000 HelixZyme™ Thermostable Rnase H 1,000 units