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NanoHelix is a global provider of highly qualified products of molecular biological enzymes, kits, and systems.

NanoHelix’s management and manufacturing system is certificated according to standard ISO13485:2016, the most widely recognized international standard for quality management systems. With this system, business partnership and intensive R&D, we are making a difference and evolving into a leading company in the field of life sciences and their applications.
“It is exciting and thrilling to look into the DNA double helix.
We can easily find the harmonious Yin and Yang, the cosmic dual forces in the double helix structure.”

With a passion for the double helix and life sciences, our mission is to spread highly
qualified products and innovative technologies to global customers.
We want our customers to achieve superior results and breakthroughs
in the community of DNA related studies and applications.
“We are born of double helix and brought into the helix world.”